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Our experience and insight into the hospitality sector is reflected in our portfolio of high profile establishments. We have a clear understanding of the unique requirements of our clients, whether it’s a brand new establishment or upgrading an operational hotel.

Forward planning, in partnership with the client, is critical to ensure the hotel’s revenue is unaffected by the installation of a new fire alarm system. Our hybrid wireless fire alarm system allows hardwired and wireless devices to be installed with minimal disruption. In addition we offer a range of solutions to suit hotel installations, from combined optical smoke and heat multi-sensors for bedrooms to reduce false alarms, to unobtrusive field devices to fit in with high specification finishes in modern hotels.

We have vast experience of upgrading operational hotels using existing cabling to meet the latest British standards. And for large hotel applications, our fully scaleable system architecture enables a network of fire control panels to operate as a single co-ordinated system.

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