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Gent Fire Alarm Systems

Introducing Gent by Honeywell’s superior range of advanced fire detection and alarm systems.

Nano System

As a fire detection control panel, this brand new system by Gent ticks all of the boxes. Ideal for small systems, the beautiful and intuitive Nano is capable of managing up to 127 devices on it’s single loop analogue addressable panel.


Vigilon System

Flexible, intuitive and with user-experience at the heart of its design, the Vigilon system is the ideal fire detection and alarm solution for medium to large business owners.

Unlike any system before it, the Vigilon system combines sophisticated technology with its easy-to-use user interface, crowning it as the simplest of systems to install, configure and use.

In the event of a fire, the Vigilon system provides the user with clear, comprehensive information. In addition to this, the system can provide an entire historic log of the management information. Should a fault occur, a detailed explanation is displayed and the user is given open access to the fault’s history.


S-Quad Range

Gent’s S-Quad multi-sensor range offers the latest enhancements in cost-reducing, reliable fire sensing and false alarm reduction technologies.

The S-Quad has been designed as an accessible product for all. It firmly meets the needs of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) with sensor, sounder, strobe and speech enhanced function variations available. The option to combine these four separate functions into one device means that far less cabling is required than with separate devices, providing a substantial saving on cost.

Reduction of potential false alarms is guaranteed by the S-Quad’s ability to configure specific known risks such as steam and dust. The S-Quad delivers loop-powered functions with standard short isolation and the user’s ability to configure the standard LED output as a monitored input-output in place of an interface, allows for even greater savings on cost.

S Quad
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