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Introducing the Drax alarm management system

Managing Alarms

Clymac can provide a range of software and hardware products that allow organisations to manage alarms from systems that may not otherwise be capable of being networked together because of procurement policies that have resulted in the purchase of systems from many different manufacturers. The AMX software and SMaRT interfaces provides a cost effective way to manage diverse systems and ensure that an appropriate response is delivered for every alarm and accurate records are maintained.

Our alarm management solutions enable users to take full and direct control of all connected alarm systems and ensure the optimum efficiency of all installed devices to reduce the incidence of false alarms and demonstrate compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005.

The powerful AMX software has evolved into one of the most versatile alarm management platforms available. It is now the alarm management system of choice for many estates, facilities and security managers.

Managing Alarms

Centralising Alarms

To take full advantage of the power of the AMX software, it is important to connect as much as possible of an organisation’s alarm equipment to the AMX platform. The most cost effective way of doing this these days is using technology. SMaRT Watch, SMaRT Cube and SMaRT Connect products allow this to happen quickly and simply using your existing IT infrastructure.

The AMX software and “SMaRT” interfaces allow the monitoring and management of many different alarms or systems to be centralised. As organisations consolidate or reduce costs these alarms or systems may even be located in buildings situated in different towns or cities or may be just down the road. It doesn’t matter as The AMX head end can centralise these alarms providing operators and management with a user friendly user interface and wealth of data all in one location.

This allows organisations to make more effective use of resources, reduce costs and deliver higher visibility of all the installed systems regardless of geography.


Compliance Tools

In addition to monitoring every event, activation and operator action, the AMX software allows users to view alarm history, check the status of every connected device and record in detail the reasons for activations, particularly unwanted alarms.

Additionally, the AMX software allows users to verify operator response times to events and monitor that both weekly checks and routine maintenance are being conducted. If you are paying a maintenance contractor to carry out 100% maintenance, how can you be sure that’s what you are getting?

Remote Connectivity

Clymac supply a range of pre-configured hardware interfaces that ensure many different manufacturers control panels or systems can be seamlessly integrated to facilitate one alarm management solution. These flexible interfaces enables us to deliver a single solution using compliant and compatible components that provide a resilient, reliable and user friendly alarm management system.

Connected technology allows users to access data showing activations and system faults from any internet-enabled device including laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. This enhances system management, speeds up the repair of system faults and reduces maintenance costs.

Remote Connectivity
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